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Fire Alarms in New Haven, CT

Alarm System - Fire Alarms

The fire alarms in your home or business play a very important part in making sure your home, business, and everyone inside are safe from fire. Ecua Electric installs the high-quality commercial and residential fire alarm systems you need to properly detect smoke, fire, and other dangers that are threatening your property.

Make sure your family and your employees are safe by working with our residential and commercial fire alarm system specialists today. We provide complete fire alarm repair, installation, and maintenance services to customers living throughout the communities of New Haven, Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and Greenwich, Connecticut.


Installation of Fire Alarm Systems in Your Home or Business

It is important to have enough fire alarms in your home or business to ensure you have the most time possible to properly react to the spreading fire or smoke in your property. The quicker your system picks up on the danger, the faster you will have to call the authorities, vacate the premises, or douse the fire out before it gets out of control.
To make sure your fire alarm system is properly installed you should work with our trained team of technicians. We make sure you only receive state-of-the-art fire alarms capable of accurately alarming you of any potential threats. Additionally, we help you figure out the best locations for these systems so you can get maximum coverage at a minimal cost.

Commercial Fire Alarm System at Affordable Prices

Commercial fire alarm systems are quickly becoming a standard requirement for most businesses. This makes perfect sense thanks to the ability of these alarms to save lives as well as business assets. Our team helps you figure out the right type of system that fits your needs and installs everything for you quickly and at a very affordable cost. These cutting-edge systems can be customized to fit your needs and can include:
 Smoke & Heat Detectors
 Water-Flow & Sprinkler Monitoring
 Door Pull Stations
 Evacuation Systems
 Door Holders & Unlocking Interfaces
 Computer & Network Connections
 Sirens & Strobes

Fire Alarm Repair & Maintenance

Maintaining your fire alarm system is just as important as installing it in the first place. Our fire alarm repair specialists are capable of inspecting, fixing, and updating any alarm systems in your home or business to ensure they are properly protecting you and your property.
Contact us to make sure your home is properly protected from fire and smoke. Our fire alarm systems are
a necessity for homeowners and commercial property owners throughout the communities of New Haven,
Bridgeport, Stamford, Norwalk, and Greenwich, Connecticut, looking to keep their property, families, or workers safe.